2016 – Advertising Specs

Having Any Questions?
Contact: Richard Clemons at Email:

Quarterly Deadlines:

  • 1st Issue/Dec. 15th
  • 2nd Issue/Mar. 15th
  • 3rd Issue/June 15th
  • 4th Issue/Sept. 15th

Acceptable Formats: High Resolution JPEG or Optimized PDF files are preferred. Photo-Shop TIFF and Illustrator EPS files are acceptable. Include all fonts and graphics to be used in ad.

Effective Resolution: At least 300 dpi or high resolutions are your best! Please do not use low resolution JPEG. Also, please do not use any downloaded GIF Images from websites … “not so good”- the reprints are without clarity!

Magazine Color: Please use only CMYK color, please no RGB or spot colors.

Email Body to Include: Contact Person, Phone #, Business Name … in case we observe any issues.

Ad Sizes:

Full Page 7.50” W x 10.50” H
2/3 Page Vertical 5.125” W x 10.50” H
Full – Jr Page 7.50” W x 7.50” H
1 /2 Page Horizontal 7.50” W x 5.125” H
1/ 2 Page Vertical 3.625” W x 10.50” H
1/4 Page Standard 3.625” W x 5.125” H
1/8 Page Horizontal 7.50” W x 2.75” H
Full Pages Only
(Please keep ad within 7.5×10.5)
8.75” W x 11.75” H

Advertising Rates:

MAINLY LOCAL, FLAGLER”S TOURIST/HOSPITALITY MAGAZINE®: Content w/ Trade Mark, Trade Dress, and © Copyright 2014-16. All rights reserved. Upon agreement, regular ads can be placed in one (1) and/or up to four (4) consecutive editions per year. Scheduled dates for publishing may change on occasion. Prices may change. Thirty (30) day notice required for any ad changes and/or cancellations. Mainly Local assumes no responsibility for received files with content/photos sent to us or incorrect information printed in any edition. Mainly Local will not publish ads or articles that imply an endorsement in any form by any author.